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React v0.14.2

November 02, 2015 by Paul O’Shannessy

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We have a quick update following the release of 0.14.1 last week. It turns out we broke a couple things in the development build of React when using Internet Explorer. Luckily it was only the development build, so your production applications were unaffected. This release is mostly to address those issues. There is one notable change if consuming React from npm. For the react-dom package, we moved react from a regular dependency to a peer dependency. This will impact very few people as these two are typically installed together at the top level, but it will fix some issues with dependencies of installed components also using react as a peer dependency.

The release is now available for download:

We’ve also published version 0.14.2 of the react, react-dom, and addons packages on npm and the react package on bower.


React DOM

  • Fixed bug with development build preventing events from firing in some versions of Internet Explorer & Edge
  • Fixed bug with development build when using es5-sham in older versions of Internet Explorer
  • Added support for integrity attribute
  • Fixed bug resulting in children prop being coerced to a string for custom elements, which was not the desired behavior.
  • Moved react from dependencies to peerDependencies to match expectations and align with react-addons-* packages
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