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React v0.11.1

July 25, 2014 by Paul O’Shannessy

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Today we’re releasing React v0.11.1 to address a few small issues. Thanks to everybody who has reported them as they’ve begun upgrading.

The first of these is the most major and resulted in a regression with the use of setState inside componentWillMount when using React on the server. These setState calls are batched into the initial render. A change we made to our batching code resulted in this path hitting DOM specific code when run server-side, in turn throwing an error as document is not defined.

There are several fixes we’re including in v0.11.1 that are focused around the newly supported event.getModifierState() function. We made some adjustments to improve this cross-browser standardization.

The final fix we’re including is to better support a workaround for some IE8 behavior. The edge-case bug we’re fixing was also present in v0.9 and v0.10, so while it wasn’t a short-term regression, we wanted to make sure we support IE8 to the best of our abilities.

We’d also like to call out a couple additional breaking changes that we failed to originally mention in the release notes for v0.11. We updated that blog post and the changelog, so we encourage you to go read about the changes around Descriptors and Prop Type Validation.

The release is available for download from the CDN:

We’ve also published version 0.11.1 of the react and react-tools packages on npm and the react package on bower.

Please try these builds out and file an issue on GitHub if you see anything awry.


React Core

Bug Fixes

  • setState can be called inside componentWillMount in non-DOM environments
  • SyntheticMouseEvent.getEventModifierState correctly renamed to getModifierState
  • getModifierState correctly returns a boolean
  • getModifierState is now correctly case sensitive
  • Empty Text node used in IE8 innerHTML workaround is now removed, fixing rerendering in certain cases


  • Fix duplicate variable declaration (caused issues in some browsers)
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